Detailed Project Description

Highway Design & Engineering

Moreland Altobelli (MA) led a team of consultants to validate the conceptual design, conduct environmental studies, and provide preliminary and final engineering within an urban setting for the reconstruction of the I-16/75 interchange near Macon, Georgia, for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). The project length is approximately 6.1 miles including a series of collector-distributor roads, twenty-four (24) retaining walls, ten (10) new bridges, and reconstruction of three (3) bridges.

The I-16/I-75 Improvement Project includes the widening and reconstruction of I-75 from Hardeman Avenue to Pierce Avenue and I-16 from I-75 to Walnut Creek within the City of Macon in Bibb County, Georgia. Within this corridor are three interstate/arterial route interchanges (I-16 at Spring Street, Second Street, and Coliseum Drive), and a freeway-to-freeway interchange between I-16 and I-75. The primary objective of the project is to improve operational efficiencies of each of the above interchanges.

The project's scope, because of its urban location, includes substantial mitigation measures, including streetscape and quality of life improvements to residential neighborhoods adjacent to the interstate. MA has produced conceptual designs, environmental studies, and preliminary engineering for GDOT in close cooperation with the Macon-Bibb Consolidated Government and community stakeholders.

Public Involvement

The objective of the I-16/I-75 public involvement program was to both involve and inform the public in the project, specifically in the development and evaluation of design aspects of the project. Input from key community leaders regarding environmental features of the study area was also obtained and used to supplement environmental fieldwork.

Historic Survey

The project involved the historic survey of numerous historic districts and individual resources. MA staff was responsible for the historic background research, digital photography of inventoried properties, the field survey of potentially eligible properties, mapping of inventoried resources, National Register of Historic Places eligibility determinations, completing an assessment of effects report, and received SHPO and FHWA approval on an MOA which outlined mitigation measures for various historic properties.

Structural/Bridge Design

MA's landscape architects, ecologists and historians collaborated with the MA highway and bridge designers to add pedestrian and park amenities to this major interstate interchange reconstruction project. The proposed linear park includes a pedestrian connection across the interstate between two historically significant neighborhoods that were divided by the original interstate construction. The project will provide a connection between the residential areas adjacent to the interstate and an existing system of trails along the Ocmulgee River.

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